AI-Powered Document Processing

Extract and process automatically all relevant information from your documents – focus on the important – your data.

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Zimus IDP AI-Powered Document Processing

High speed, elevated performance, and remarkable precision, but not only that.

We provide you with custom-trained models, solutions tailored to your specific needs, and an independent infrastructure that ensures top-level performance and security.

Why Zimus?

Zimus is an intelligent document processing (IDP) solution that leverages cutting-edge technology and individual AI setup to extract critical information from even the most complex documents. It is designed to meet your needs and use cases, ensuring you get the most accurate and valuable data possible.

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Different document types

With Zimus, you can have a tailored IDP solution that is perfect for your highly specialized document types. With the power to choose which workflows to automate, you’re in control of streamlining your processes like never before.

Zimus IDP AI-Powered Document Processing, document storage

Various fields or field combinations

Every business has unique data needs. That’s why Zimus offers the flexibility to determine various fields and field combinations for document processing, allowing you to retrieve the exact data you require.
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Large document volume

Are you dealing with a vast amount of documents?
Zimus is the perfect solution. With its specialized design and private infrastructure it runs on, this AI-powered document processing tool can easily handle extensive document volumes.
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How it works

A tailor-made AI model is created exclusively for you, keeping your data secure and confidential. Using multi-layer AI, Zimus scans documents, extracts all relevant data, and transmits it for further processing.

Zimus is easy to implement and convenient to use. It needs just a few steps to streamline your document processing.
Situation analysis
Documents are checked and marked
ZIMUS integration is set up
Documents are being processed
Process is automated

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Zimus IDP AI-Powered Document Processing