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IDP that helps institutions of all sizes improve efficiency, accuracy, and compliance.

Zimus leverages the power of AI and automation to streamline the processing of financial documents. It analyzes papers’ content and retrieves relevant data.

This IDP can automate the processing of a wide range of documents in the financial services sector, improving efficiency, reducing processing times, and minimizing errors.

Improve accuracy

Human errors in document processing can be costly for financial institutions, leading to incorrect data entry, lost documents, and compliance issues. Our IDP can improve accuracy by automating document processing, reducing the risk of human error and processing times. Zimus can drastically change your document processing operations, making them more efficient and cost-effective.

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With Zimus, you can focus on more strategic business activities and provide a better customer experience.

Wide range of documents

Zimus is a tailored IDP solution and can be customized to meet the unique needs of financial services companies.


Zimus extracts required data from invoices, such as invoice numbers, dates, and amounts, and automates the invoice processing workflow.

Loan Applications

Zimus can streamline the loan approval process by retrieving data from loan applications, such as customer information or employment details.

Financial Statements

This AI-powered IDP can extract data from financial statements, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.

Tax Forms

Zimus can help automate the tax preparation process. It quickly and accurately retrieves data from various tax forms.

Your business-specific documents

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With Zimus, you can streamline your document processing, reduce manual labor, and improve efficiency. It saves you valuable time and money and minimizes costly errors and delays.

You can focus on other business challenges while Zimus takes care of your document management needs.

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Zimus IDP AI-Powered Document Processing