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IDP that helps you provide faster, more accurate, and more efficient services to policyholders.

Zimus is a powerful tool that can help insurance companies transform their document processing workflows and enhance efficiency.

Using advanced AI technology, Zimus extracts data from a wide range of insurance-related documents, including claims, policies, invoices, and more. This intelligent document processing solution can be customized to meet your business’s unique needs.

Save time Reduce errors

Zimus automates the document processing workflow, reducing the time and effort required to handle large volumes of documents.
It precisely and efficiently extracts and processes data, increasing data accuracy and reducing the risk of costly errors. By using Zimus, you can focus on more important tasks and achieve better business outcomes.

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Plus, a tailor-made AI model is created exclusively for you, ensuring that your data is secure, confidential, and stays only yours.

Wide variety of documents

Zimus is customizable and has flexible integration options to meet the unique needs of each insurance company.


Our IDP can automatically retrieve data from claim forms, including policyholder information, claim details, and supporting documentation.


Zimus can extract relevant data from policy documents, helping insurance companies quickly and accurately process this information.


Zimus processes data from invoices, such as vendor names, amounts, and due dates, allowing faster and more accurate payment processing.


Our AI-powered IDP works for a wide range of insurance-related forms, such as applications, renewals, and endorsements.

Your business-specific documents.

By automating the processing of these documents, Zimus can save you time and money, reduce delays and errors, and improve accuracy and efficiency across the board.

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