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IDP that helps streamline document processing and enhance the overall efficiency of government services.

With Zimus, government agencies can automate time-consuming tasks such as data entry and document filing.

With the help of multi-layered AI, our IDP can retrieve data from various document types, including application forms and invoices. That leads to faster processing times, reduced errors, and increased efficiency

Boost productivity

Zimus can reduce the time and effort required to complete routine tasks. It’s able to process large volumes of documents quickly and accurately.

That can be particularly useful for government and public sector agencies dealing with a high volume of paperwork.

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Zimus helps to improve overall efficiency. That enables government agencies to process documents faster and provide better services to citizens.

Multiple types of documents

Zimus is a flexible IDP solution and can be tailored to meet unique needs and process a wide range of documents in the government sector.


Zimus can help process citizen applications such as passport applications, driver’s license renewals, and tax filings. Our solution extracts relevant data from the documents and automates the workflow.

Invoices and Receipts

Zimus can process invoices and other financial documents, leading to faster payments and reduced manual effort.


Our AI-powered IDP can retrieve relevant information from various types of government and public sector-related forms.


Zimus can assist with handling different types of correspondence, such as letters and emails. This IDP solution extracts all relevant information, including sender details, subject, and message content.

Your specific documents

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Zimus can have significant benefits for your organization. Its ability to automate document processing workflows, extract data from various document types, and integrate with other software applications leads to increased efficiency and productivity, faster processing times, and reduced errors and costs.

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