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Zimus IDP AI-Powered Document Processing, travel and expense

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) tool saves time, reduces errors, and improves efficiency in expense management.

Zimus automatically reads and retrieves relevant data from travel-related documents. This data can include information like dates, vendor names, amounts, and more.

Once the data is extracted, our IDP can input it into relevant systems, such as accounting software or expense management systems. This can help reduce errors and save time for both employees and finance teams.

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Streamlined Processes

With Zimus, companies no longer need to manually process each document; IDP can automatically extract all relevant information. It helps eliminate errors and reduce the time required for processing.

Improved Cost Control

With automated receipt and invoice processing, companies can easily and quickly get an accurate overview of their expenses. This helps businesses budget, forecast, and identify areas where they can reduce costs.

Reduced Errors

Manual processing of travel documents can lead to errors resulting from data entry mistakes and missing information. Zimus can help reduce these errors by automating data extraction and cross-referencing it with other data sources.

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Combining cutting-edge technology with customized AI integration, Zimus can meet particular customers’ needs and change the way businesses handle travel and expenses.

It streamlines processes and allows companies to focus on their core operations, driving growth and success.

Zimus advantages

Different document layouts

Zimus can be used for various document types and layouts, even if they are specific only to your business.

Large document volume

Are you dealing with a vast amount of documents? Zimus is specifically designed to handle this.

Easy integration

Zimus is ready-to-use software that can be easily integrated into your business processes, considering your unique needs and requirements.

Zimus IDP

Are you looking to optimize your travel and expense processes?

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